Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Yet another one of Cris Bird's sightings at Aberystwyth:
26th July: White 3H47, ringed as a chick on 10th June 2006 near Antwerp. Soon after it made its way to Scotland, to Anstruther, Fife where it was seen from 30th September, throughout October and then on 2nd February 2007.
It was next seen at le Pont du Hable, Calvados, France on 16th August 2009 and then by Ian Lycett on 20th September that year at Aberystwyth.
It was back at Calvados on 6th December 2009 and 17th January 2011. Chris then saw it at Aberystwyth on 16th September and 6th October 2011. It was seen on 21st March and 21st June 2013 at Heybridge Basin near Maldon on the Blackwater estuary in Essex before being seen back at Aberystwyth.