Friday, 3 July 2015

Eglwys Fach

6:15pm - 11Swifts!

Bob Relph

Borth and Ynyslas

A quick look at the sea at Aberystwyth early on revealed several hundred Manx Shearwaters heading north.
My next stop was behind the lifeboat house at Borth. Many more shearwaters between here and Ynyslas, plus a few Gannets. On the beach nearby were 31 Mediterranean Gulls, the most I've ever seen here.
Ynyslas was quiet, though off the point was a feeding raft of over a thousand Manxies with about 30 Gannets and well over a hundred Herring Gulls.
Later, as I was standing by the tern posts towards Aberleri I was able to watch eight Gannets feeding in the estuary.
Having seen only six Curlews and two Oystercatchers so far, a walk to Glandwr was called for in the hope of more waders. The result of my efforts was a single Lapwing, though there were also 18 Black-headed Gulls on the pool.

Harry Pepper

It's not a hide

Reading the dialogue about our new Welcome Shelter has been amusing; from my & Iestyn’s (we’re the wardens, and both of average height – 6ft 4 & 6ft 5) point of view the holes are ideal of course…

But the main point to make is that the building isn’t a hide or viewing screen, so the “windows” are not viewing windows. They are there to house some lovely artwork painted on glass produced by local school students a few years ago. And they’re high so that we can have noticeboards and interpretation below them. We have put some temporary interpretation there to explain this to visitors. As I’m sure Harry knows, Cors Caron, though a lovely place for birds, doesn’t really have a “bird spectacle”, so hides aren’t really the best option for seeing stuff on the reserve

As Liz has said, the most likely sighting through the windows will be a misbehaving dog or human visitor – though the artwork on the glass does include a range of birds (and other wildlife) if Harry is happy to add that type of sighting to his year list.

And it will have a bench below the windows, so Harry, or any other Hobbit/person of reduced stature, can clamber up on the bench if they really want to look through them!

And it was cheap, which is partly why it’s taking a while to get it finished.

Andy Polkey
A well- reasoned  reply from Andy regarding the recent, fairly silly, correspondence about the Cors Caron structure. 
I can't help feeling that I've been cast as the villain of the piece. My only contribution (apart from admitting to being a Hobbit:  fair play, the truth had to come out) was to have my photograph taken, and I didn't even know that Bob was about to take it.  All comments regarding the structure, i.e. it's usefulness, cost, design etc were down to other people.
Personally, I am very impressed with the developments in that area; the car park/picnic area, toilets and the boardwalk. A big improvement from the days when we just had that narrow little lay-by just past Maesllyn.
Harry Pepper

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Just back from a little adventure on The Foel where we had three sightings of Nightjar.
The first one flew past no more than 10 meters away.  Then a few minutes later one landed on a telegraph wire about 20 meters away and commenced churring.  After it flew off we heard it, or another individual a little further on, so we followed the noise.  We found it quite easily and watched it for about 5 minutes before it too flew off.  
Then it was time for bed.

Bob Relph

Swifts in Bont

Pontrhydfendigaid has for long had a healthy population of swifts but so far this year I have only seen 13 and that was at 06:30!  This morning when sorting out my moth traps 8 were flying low hunting over the new paths area known as Coed Dolgoed now part of Coed Y Bont and one of their homes is up for sale so new roof by next year.
More cheerfully the siskins, redpolls and young warblers were very evident.

If anyone has an eave that can accommodate a swift box, prototype courtesy of Tony Cross, I have one as now is the time to get them up whilst this year's swifts are prospecting.  Phone 01974 299166.

Thursday 2nd July

Eglwys Fach - Swifts five!

Bob Relph

Bob's Swifts

Hopefully Bob at least some of those Swifts will be in your boxes next May :-) This is the most important time for the non-breeders by the end of the month most will have disappeared ! just as magically as they appeared. Good luck Bob ; quiet times here Swifts in the village but not many around my way. My pair having a slow start still sitting with previous clutch being kicked around the box.

from Tony Clark

Ynys-hir today

Another dull, overcast day, so much for the "heat wave".
Before the rain started I spent an hour in The Saltings Hide at Ynys-hir...

Bob Relph

Gull-billed tern

There was a very nice gull-billed tern at high-tide at RSPB Ynys-hir from the Breakwater hide this morning. Initially roosting with some black-headed gulls, as the tide dropped it headed off down the estuary towards Ynyslas. Luckily, there was very little heat haze and visibility was excellent. Hopefully, it may stay around a bit. Apologies for not phoning around but having recently lost and replaced my phone I now have very few numbers on it.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Nice to see a female Tufted Duck on the lake with 3 tiny ducklings this afternoon.