Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Foel Fawr

Not many birds about during our walk on the Foel this morning - 4 or 5 buzzards, a raven, a few mipits and a few wrens belting it out.  But the best was saved for last.  I went to the area where I've seen ring ouzel in the past, sadly none today, but a cuckoo flew over my head and landed on some rocks quite close-by so I enjoyed watching him for a while.
Bob Relph

First youngsters in the garden and a few other sightings

In our garden in Tregaron, the first Robins, Blackbirds and House Sparrow's fledged last week. Despite the cold weather, this is earlier than last year, when I recorded the first fledged Robins on 14th May and House Sparrows on 12th May, while the first Blackbird brood attempts appeared to have been unsuccessful, with the first fledglings recorded in July. My feeling is that we have less predators (cats, squirrels, Great Spotted Woodpeckers) than in previous years although two opportunistic Jays suddenly appeared last week but were bravely fought off by a male Blackbird. At Brynamlwg pond near Penwuch, there were nine adult Greylag Geese yesterday, one pair of which had four goslings. Also six Canada Geese present. Great pictures by Shane Jones from Aberaeron - the Grey Wagtails were busy feeding their young on the river yesterday. I also finally managed to see my first Wheatears of the year - after several unsuccessful visits to Tan Y Bwlch I found them at Pont Einon, quite a few feeding on the fields. There is usually a Great Spotted Woodpecker calling from across the road at Pont Einon - unfortunately the female was hit by a car yesterday afternoon so if there were eggs or fledglings they will probably fail. Last Friday evening, 2 Redshank in front of the Bog Hide on Cors Caron.
Silke Einschuetz

Cors Caron Breeding Bird Survey

We do 3 years on, 3 years off BBS for Cors Caron NNR and we've just started a new set of three years this Spring. First visits were last week - the reserve is divided into four sections and I did my two visits on Tuesday & Thursday. Roy Bamford does the other two and his were on Monday & Tuesday.
Highlights for me were a few whitethroats and double figures of grasshopper warbler on both visits and nine whinchat singing on Thursday, just a couple of sedge warblers on Thursday - as Liz says, the bulk seem to be arriving at the moment; also a couple of whimbrel calling on the West side of the bog somewhere on Thursday and my first two cuckoos.
Despite the cold weather, two broods of mallard and two of Canada geese as well.


A quick sea-watch before work revealed very little so off to Ynyslas. At Ynys Tachwedd there were 42 whimbrel, 105 ringed plover and 270 dunlin and at the northern point were 36 cormorants, 27 sandwich tern and an arctic skua briefly harrying terns before flying out of the estuary.

Sedge w on Cors Caron

The Teifi Sedgies are moving north, one singing away beside the waiting room this morning.  I haven't been down over the weekend so may have arrived sooner.
In my garden a Great tit was taking moss into one of the boxes so definitely a bit late this year.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Lower Aeron, 1st May

If you sit and watch the water on the lower Aeron, the short rapid area below the lower weir but above the high water mark, you’ll see wonderful grey wagtails and dippers feeding. Stoneflies have been hatching along with various olives and the wagtails sit patiently on the in-river stones looking upstream waiting for them to alight. Once the adult flies emerge and are in the air the wagtails see their chance and pounce with amazing accuracy often turning and dancing to pick them off in mid air. The dippers bob about searching under the water for the nymphs and other feed to add to the entertainment. A lovely way to spend an hour.

Shane Jones

Sightings from Chris Bird

In a field between the turn and Ynyslas today, 46 Whimbrel and a mixed flock of 70-80 Dunlin and Ringed Plover, with another 10 Whimbrel in nearby fields.
An impressive passage of Swallows, moving north at ca20 per minute, plus about 60 feeding near the police station.
Five Purple Sandpipers on the wall still.

Great Grey Shrike

The Great Grey Shrike was still in Cross Inn Forest this afternoon.

All change

When I left home soon after midday in the pouring rain it was definitely winter but half an hour later when I got to Llanrhystud in the warm sunshine, most definitely spring. White Wagtails, Wheatears and Med Gulls still about but no waders apart from 2 Whimbrel. Both had green rings on their right legs I think. One had orange on the left also and the other yellow on the left. Other birds inc Gannets, Shearwaters and 2 Shelducks. Approx 100 Swallows flew north over an hour or so, and heading that way also was a 1stW Iceland Gull.

Teifi - Cuckoos, Waders and Warblers

Cuckoos....one still present this morning from Otter Hide ...(the Mud Hut) near the Water Buffalo !

 Two birds were first seen on the 30th April - Patch lifers for some regulars of the Teifi.
The second bird a nice hepatic female..

(Cuckoo photos - Tommy Evans)

c30 Whimbrel on Patch and Poppit with a couple flying over the marsh this morning.
Around the estuary, 10 Ringed Plover and only a few Dunlin. One Dunlin on Patch this morning but we did see 3 feeding on the river in the Reserve yesterday.

Our Constant Effort Site ringing starts tomorrow, but we have been monitoring numbers elsewhere on the Reserve. There is a Grasshopper Warbler regularly reeling below Heron Hide, and though few Reed Warblers around, we do appear to be seeing a very heavy early Sedge Warbler passage. More birds than other sites are recording so far. See 120 Sedge Warblers -- what a start to Spring