Monday, 26 September 2016


At least one, probably both Rose-coloured Starlings still present at Ynyslas today, per Chris Bird.
He also had a good selection of waders. i.e. 170 Dunlin, 14 Bar-tailed Godwits, 13 Grey Plover and two Curlew Sandpipers.

Departing summer visitors

I've had an e-mail from Ian Burgess saying that he had a Swallow yesterday from his garden in Penrhiwllan, heading west and wondering what the latest recorded date was in Ceredigion (Ian wondering, not the Swallow).
According to Birds of Ceredigion there are at least four December records, with the latest on 17th Dec 2001.  In most years they are recorded well into October, and not unusually into November.
I suspect that, like others, I search eagerly for the first migrants in spring, yet in autumn they tend to slip away un-noticed.  By the way, I had another Chiffchaff in Llanilar today.
There is a table giving earliest and latest dates of summer visitors in the annual Ceredigion Bird Reports.

More starling photos

More excellent photos of one of the Ynyslas  Rose-coloured Starlings; these taken yesterday by
 Tom Kistruck

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Teifi Goosanders

A party of 19 redhead Goosanders were on the Teifi at Cardigan this morning, just upstream of Priory Bridge. I've not seen anything like that number here before.

Chris Jones, St Dogmaels.

Those Rose-coloured Starlings

When we first got to Ynyslas, we saw a Rose-coloured Starling almost immediately perching on a fence post by the visitor centre alongside its commoner cousins. We followed the flock along the path going south into the dunes and eventually bumped into Bob who reported he had just seen two of them and almost instantly the second one turned up next to the first one....
Steffi Carter

Two Rose Coloured Starlings at Ynyslas

Whilst Jacqui walked Buster and Dolly at Ynyslas this morning I went in search of the Rose Coloured Starling seen there by Arfon and others.  I located it in a bush with a flock of its common cousins, not far off the footpath between the visitor centre and the observation platform.  As I was watching I decided that I would have to take my new glasses back to Specsavers because I could see two Rose Coloured Starlings.  But hang on a minute I thought, I don't wear glasses when I'm birding...
Sure enough, there were two of them.
Then almost all the birds flew off having been spooked by a dog, but for some reason or other a few stayed put, one of them was a RC Starling.  Almost immediately Steffi and her family came along and we watched the remaining RC together.  I mentioned that I had seen two a few minutes earlier and as luck would have it moments later the second bird returned and perched near the first.
Steffi had her camera with her.  Watch this space...

Bob Relph

Another Kingfisher

A kingfisher flew down the Teifi and under the Tregaron bridges. The two ladies were too busy chattering to see.

College Rocks yesterday

One Knot with 21 Turnstones and a Great Black-backed Gull on College Rocks just after high tide on Saturday.
Paul Bennett

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Rose-coloured Starling

Couple of record shots of the immature Rose-coloured Starling that is at Ynyslas.

Rose-coloured Starling update

A phone call from Chris Bird to say that he has just seen the juvenile Rose- coloured Starling at the north end of the golf course, but it is very mobile in the strong southerly wind, as Jon says.