Monday, 3 August 2015

juv Sandwich terns

By the time I got to Ynys Las the tide was out…really out.. but there were still around 40 Sandwich Terns in a little huddle just carpark side of the saltings and, very pleasing to see, 17 or 18 were juvs.
Two small lads with their dad were sharing their lunch(sandwiches?) with a few gulls and, although we all know the consequences of that, it was a joy to see the wonder on their faces as these rather large birds stood there almost toe to toe.  Probably there was joy on the gull faces but that's harder to see…
Earlier in Aber a lump of something was tossed from a van and instantly a young gull swooped…now which should be culled, litter lout driver or very observant wild bird?  Answers on a postcard to D.Cameron.

Mediterranean Gulls at Aberystwyth

Earlier this evening Chris had 114 Med Gulls on College Rocks. He said many of them were flying in from over the town, so it may be worthwhile checking fields where gulls gather during the day: perhaps Blaendolau playing fields?


Only moderate numbers of Sandwich Terns and the usual small waders at Ynyslas point this morning, but a Bar-tailed Godwit and a Knot, both in summer plumage, added a welcome splash of colour. Also at the point, five Sanderling and two Whimbrel.
I stopped off at Aberystwyth on the way to find nine Turnstones.
Congratulations to John for his success in the BB photo competition. Must be the straight scope!
Bar-tailed Godwit and Whimbrel

Harry Pepper


I'd like to add my congratulations to John for his success and indeed thank everyone for putting their wonderful pictures on the blog. I remember being given an old 'box brownie' to take on the school trip to Norwich in 1975 and my photographic career shuddered to a halt around about then. At Llanrhystud this morning with a moderately engaged 10 year old Tomos; Turnsone 22, Ringed Plover 18, single Dunlin and Kestrel, Wheatear 4, and about 100 Mediterranean Gulls. Nothing at sea or at the kilns.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Plea for a car share

We have a very dedicated field tripper named Sue who has been really
enjoying our recent outings. Sue lives near Cardigan and would have to
travel to the August trip at Ynys Las right up the coast road. It is a
long journey and she has asked me to see if anyone would be willing to
car share with her for part of the way. If you think you may be able to
help please would you get in touch with me - this should be easy as my
e-mail address is now on the field trip page of the blog.I have also
realised Sue that I do not have your e-mail address so please do get in

from Elaine Isett

Saturday evening at Ynyslas

Last night Chris Bird and Terry Hobson went to Ynyslas for the high tide. They had three Knot in breeding plumage, a Black-tailed Godwit, three Juvenile Mediterranean Gulls and 108 Sandwich Terns, one of which was the very same colour-ringed bird seen this morning by Simon and John.
Earlier yesterday, Chris had 24 Med Gulls on College Rocks and a Herring Gull in the harbour wearing a blue ring, BNL, on the left leg.

Bird photograph of the Year

In the latest copy of British Birds I noticed a pic of our local leucistic oystercatcher…congrats to John Davis for claiming second prize in the digi-scoping section of Britain's foremost bird photography competition.
All the fantastic winning photos can be viewed on


Somehow managed  to avoid bumping into Bob today. I spent most of the morning in the Ynys Feurig hide, hoping for the tide to bring up some waders. It didn't, just Curlews, Oystercatchers and a couple of Redshank. At high tide a couple of Sandwich Terns were feeding just upriver from the Breakwater hide, but the highlights were an Osprey flying upriver, carrying a large fish, and a Peregrine going the other way.
There was also a good passage of hirundines going up the estuary, mostly Swallows with a few House and Sand Martins, and accompanied by at least 25 Swifts.
Robins were particularly tame in the picnic area; I nearly stood on this juvenile.

Harry Pepper

Ynys-hir Cuckoo

Not a very good photograph I'm afraid, but I saw this young Cuckoo at Ynys-hir at about 11:30 this morning, Sunday 2nd August.  Quite late for this species here in Ceredigion I believe.
Some of my other (even worse) photos show a white patch at the back of its head.  A couple I met as I was leaving had seen the bird being fed by a much smaller bird.

Bob Relph


Early this morning there was a very good gathering of Manx Shearwaters close in off the lifeboat station at Borth.
The conditions were ideal: high tide, calm sea and a slight off-shore breeze.
I then went to Ynyslas to see what the high tide produced and teamed up with Simon Cox. On the Leri side were several Sandwich Terns but probably less than Harry saw yesterday. Simon noticed one perched on a post with a colour ring, Blue ETJ. As soon as I get the details I will post them on the blog.
On the pebbles at the Point a number of waders remained undisturbed: just 4 Sanderling but 130 Dunlin and 65 Ringed Plovers. Simon pointed out an early Common Gull.

By now the Manx Shearwaters and many Gannets were enjoying a feeding frenzy just off the river mouth.