Friday, 19 December 2014


Friday 19th Dec 9.30 - on my way into work I have just seen a large flock of fieldfares in the fields at Post-bach SN39865175.

Ruth Harding



Wednesday, 17 December 2014

An early spring!

Chris Bird was cheered up yesterday listening to a song thrush in full song, lucky boy!


Silke, thanks for putting excellent pics on the blog, if it's only Trich their sufffering from then our local charismatic birds of prey are ok. I was thinking that maybe the beech mast had become toxic but BOU did not think so. Thanks again Happy chrismas.
There are two little egrets  feeding on a well poached field of the Llanio road close to Llanddewi Brefi. David Price

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Re Sunday's bird list for the walk at Ynys-hir

Dave Anning and Russell Jones confirm the possible Canada goose (minima) as correct. It has been seen on and off, usually in the company of a pink footed goose for some years. They say that the bird identified as a ruddy shelduck is in fact a Cape shelduck which is reasonably similar. 


Pigeons and Doves

I've just had the briefest of looks on the web and it does seem possible that they may have that disease (whose name and spelling temporarily evades me). I've been studying the numbers of birds locally to where I live for a while now and it has crossed my mind that I seem to see fewer Collared Doves about. So it was with interest that I read on the BTO site that they are thought to be more susceptible to the disease than Wood Pigeons and have declined nationally since 2005, which I hadn't realised. There certainly seem to be lots of Wood Pigeons about at present. I'm afraid I'm as guilty as most birders about them. Unless I see a large flock they don't really register with me. I was lucky enough to see such a sight during October half term week. My son Tomos and I were staying with a friend on the top floor of a block of flats in Hackney. When I awoke I looked out eastwards towards the sun over the Olympic horizon and watched thousands of Pigeons migrating past at eye level. An unexpected and rather memorable birding moment.

Disease in Pigeons

Is this a case of Trichomoniasis - I believe it started in Pigeons and mutated to affect Finches.  I am no expert but it does look the same.
Any thoughts?


Monday, 15 December 2014

New Book


Just to let you know, there is a new book out!

Ospreys In Wales - The First Ten Years

Forward by Iolo, selected images by Andy Rouse, and it's the story of the recolonisation of ospreys in Wales (obviously!) from the first successful breeding in 2004 all the way through to the end of this 2014 season.

It is a thick hardback book with 272 pages and 300 photographs. Available locally at Cors Dyfi this weekend (signing 12:00 - 14:00 Saturday and Sunday) and online:

Profits split between Dyfi and Glaslyn osprey projects.


Woodpigeons again

David - the dead woodpigeons were between Llangeitho and Tyncelyn, the lady has seen no more dead ones but will let me know if she sees any more. Meanwhile I have two very poor looking woodpigeons in my garden in Tregaron - see pictures. One of them just does not move and appears to have a very full crop but the other one looks horrendous - blind? and with lesions or similar. Any idea what could be the matter with them? I can't say if these are my residents or remains of the flocks that have been flying over during the past weeks - usually flocks of up to 100 birds in the early morning coming from Cors Caron direction and going towards Llandewi Brefi.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Today's Field Trip

This from Moira

Despite the inclement weather on Sunday, eight of us set out to birdwatch at Ynys-hir, with six continuing into the afternoon. We dodged many but definitely not all of the heavy showers and had some excellent sightings. We were temporally bemused at the sight of a great black-backed gull gliding down the river apparently standing upright on the surface of the water eating something at it's feet. it turned out to be standing on and eating a dead sheep floating just below the surface. they are enterprising birds.

Bird List
Barnacle goose,  black-headed gull, black-tailed godwit,  blackbird,  blue tit,  bullfinch,  buzzard,  Canada goose,  carrion crow,  chaffinch,  Chilean flamingo,  coal tit,  coot,  cormorant, curlew,  dunnock,  goldcrest, goldeneye,  goldfinch,  gooosander,  great black-backed gull,  great tit,  great spotted woodpecker, greenfinch,  greenshank,  grey heron,  greylag goose, herring gull,  jackdaw,  kingfisher,  lapwing,  little egret,  little grebe, long-tailed tit,  magpie,  mallard,  meadow pipit,  mistle thrush,  nuthatch,  oystercatcher,  pheasant,  pied wagtail,  red kite,  redwing,  redshank,  redpoll,  reed bunting,  robin,  ruddy shelduck,  shelduck,  shoveler,  siskin,  snipe,  song thrush,  starling,  stonechat,  treecreeper,  teal,  wigeon,  woodpigeon,  wren. Plus possible sighting of a Canada goose minima.

Scandinavian Rock Pipits

Came across what appear to be a couple of small groups of Scandinavian or littoralis Rock Pipits yesterday. Lacking the sulphury tones of our normal form of Rock Pipit yesterday's birds had browner upper parts and obviously paler underparts. The birds appear similar to Water Pipits but aren't as obviously brown and white, have quite strong streaking on their backs and their underpart streaking isn't as sharp. Their heads also lack the strong superciliums of Water Pipit. There was a group of 4 birds feeding alongside the foot path between the beach at Llanrhystud and the lime kilns and possibly as many as 6 feeding on the ploughed fields at Llanon. Yesterday's other highlight was a Little Egret flying passed New Quay Head on its way north.