Monday, 18 August 2014

Late posting - Sandwiches at the 'tern of the tide'

Last Friday - at the time of the mid-day high tide -  a good number of Sandwich Terns were present along the shoreline at Ynyslas.  Difficult to get an accurate count  due to the continual movement of birds disrupted by the inevitable dog - walkers but probably in the region of 150 + .


From Andre Marsh:
There was a juv. Marsh Harrier at the northern end of Cors Caron yesterday afternoon.
At nearby Pontrhydfendigaid on Friday he noticed 13 or 14 late Swifts.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


The sadness at the end of a family visit was tempered by this Cuckoo seen down the lane from where I live at Trisant.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Ladybirders 1 week all-inclusive trip to The Gambia

Hello, it's Caroline again looking for 3, just 3,  intrepid ladies to join me for a week's birding in The Gambia

Flight from Birmingham International 6 hours

I week  b/b and evening meal in an award-winning Eco-Lodge on the Gambia /Senegal border

Beginners introduction to the birds of this amazing country - 150+ species seen on our last trip in March but November is the prime month for birding.

6 days fully-guided tours in south-west Gambia taking in prime birding sites.

Species include giant and pygmy kingfisher, Senegal parrot, Abyssinian and blue-bellied roller, sunbirds, bee-eaters and raptors by the dozen.

All this for an all inclusive price of £1150...BARGAIN

It is fun and informal and includes lots of sunshine, sea, lovely food, amazing wildlife and friendly people.

More trips in December and January, details available.

email for more details or visit the

Diolch yn fawr

Friday, 15 August 2014

This from Roy Bamford

A few days ago fantastic evening high tides and been sandblasted/exfoliated at Ynys Las. About 90 dunlin with ringed plover and a few sanderling the best we could do wader-wise. Tho we did have good views of an otter crossing the road just south of the boatyard entrance, right in front of our (by then) stationary car on the way home. Amazingly difficult to see on the road in the half-light.
More recently also had glimpses of wood sandpiper at Marian Mawr and also at another pool in the parish.

Roy Bamford

cycle trail

A very pleasant trundle along the trail from Llanilar to Trawsgoed with my son this morning. We'd never been along here before but really loved it. I imagine there must be all sorts of interesting birds to be found there during the course of a year. We were lucky enough to see 3 Goosanders near Abermagwr, juvs or females or both, but I'm not sure which.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


These summarised details of birds recently seen in Ceredigion show further insights as to where they breed in northern France and Belgium, their migration stop-overs and wintering destinations. What I think is remarkable is their westward (even slightly north-westward) flight to Ceredigion after the breeding season before they fly south to the Iberian Peninsular.
White ring 3K79:
2006 ringed as a pullus near Antwerp on 23rd May. Last seen there on 13th July. 23rd July at Cley, Norfolk. 12th October at Aberaeron (Liz Snell).
2007 at Iclesham, Sussex in April. 2009 and 2010 at Zeeland, Holland in April.  7th August 2010 at Llanon (LS).
2011 at Iclesham in March. 1st September at Llanon (Janet Baxter).
2012 at Iclesham in February. 13th August at Llanon (Elfyn Lewis).
2014 near Antwerp in April. Llansantffraed on 26th June and 21st July (JAD).
White ring 39V7
2008 ringed as a pullus at Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium on 16th June. Still there on 10th July.
2010 at Estremadura, Portugal in January and Pas de Calais, France in April. 7th August at Llanon (LS).        2011 at Indre-et-Loire, France in March.
2012 at Aberystwyth during August (Chris Bird) and Estremadura in October.
2013 near Antwerp in July.        2014 at Llansantffraed on 26th June (JAD).
Green ring 6MZ
2010 ringed as a pullus at Jabline, Seine-et-Marne, France on 19th June. 7th August at Llanon (LS). Ria A Coruna, Spain in October.
2011 at Vendee, France in April. Indre-et-Loire in May. Llansantffraed on 20th September (JAD).
2013 at Pontevedra, Spain in January. Llanon on 15th August (LS). La Coruna, Spain in November.        2014 at Aberystwyth on 21st July (CB).
Green ring RN10
2013 ringed as a pullus at Yonne, France on 23rd June.
2014 at Malaga, Spain in March. At Aberystwyth on 21st July (CB).


As I cancelled last week's trip this is the substitute:

Coastal walk from Mwnt North along the coast for 2km before cutting inland and returning via lane and bridle path 5km in all.  Bring refreshments and start from NT carpark (don't forget your card, free parking for members!) at Mwnt.  10am --1.00pm  come a little earlier if you want to join a seawatch from the top of Mwnt cliff.
SUNDAY AUG 17TH  2014  NO CANCELLATION  if weather bad we'll decamp to Teifi marshes and use the hides as high tide is around 12ish

Help with counting Chough roosts

RSPB Cymru is undertaking a survey of chough roosts, of which we have several in Ceredigion, and we need your help. All that you would have to do is adopt a roost and commit to counting it on one evening within the three week period from 16th Aug – 7th September. Date to be determined by your own availability + weather suitability. If you are interested in helping please contact me on 07875 691686 or by email on Diolch