Tuesday, 19 June 2018


    Yesterday at dusk, a Barn Owl quartering the fields to the back of our house in Glynarthen. We first saw the owl fleetingly last evening but couldn’t make a positive id, though it really couldn’t have been anything else – ghostly white, erratic flight, searching just above hedge height. This evening a very positive id with the bird first at a distance, increasingly close and eventually over our back garden before disappearing over the road into open fields.
     Over the last two years an increasing number of fields around the village have been less intensively grown for silage and have been allowed to be grazed and grown almost as traditional meadows. I guess, as a consequence, this is the first Barn Owl encountered in our 10 years in the village. Absolutely magical!
 Roger Watkins


Sunday, 17 June 2018


We've had a chat on here in previous years about Hobby records in the Llandysul/Gorrig/Horeb area in mid summer, seen by different observers. One was at Croeslan on Friday, perhaps part of the same pattern?

Grey Herons

Chris had a surprise at Nanteos Pool on Friday when a Heron flew into a tree and three well-grown young popped up from a hitherto unknown nest. 
Over the years heronries have been well studied in Ceredigion (and elsewhere) but breeding has not been recorded at Nanteos before, although the Grey Heron is a regular visitor to the lake there.
There is an interesting article The Heron in Ceredigion by Peter Davis in the Ceredigion Bird Report 2003 which summarises the history of the county's heronries.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Field trip reminder

The June field trip will be this coming Wednesday (20th) at New Quay.
All details are on the field trip section of the blog. Everyone welcome.

Elaine Izett

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Grey Plover

Bob and I had a very pleasant but largely birdless outing along the coast this morning, so I wasn't going to post anything on the blog, but one of the few birds we saw was a gorgeous breeding-plumaged Grey Plover at Llansantffraed.
Going through the old bird reports this evening I see that June records of Grey Plover in Ceredigion average about one every ten years, so it must be worth a mention.
A few Painted Ladies at Llanon and Llansantffraed were our first of the year.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Ynys-hir today

I've heard of other bird species allowing ants to crawl over and clean them, but not Blackbirds.  However I think that was what this fellow was doing at Ynys-hir this morning.  He was perfectly aware of my presence but stayed in an apparent state of rapture and allowed me to get quite close.  I wondered if he might be ill or injured, but after a while he flew off looking strong and healthy.

The failed twitcher; episode 2

This morning I made a second attempt to find the Rose-coloured Starling at Ynyslas, after failing last Thursday.  No luck this time either.  At least 150 Starlings around and not a hint of pink on any of them.
John and I also failed to find the Llanafan Hawfinch, despite going to the right place.
Time to stop twitching I think, and try to find some birds of my own. 

The failed twitcher

Do you remember a few months ago there was that local birder who went looking for the Llanafan Hawfinch? Crossed the river as instructed. Turned the wrong way. Missed it. I believe the same fella was at Llansantffraed this morning looking for the Rose-coloured Starling. 48 hours too late.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Nightjars at Cors Fochno

On Tuesday last,I managed to count 3 nightjars (2 churring and one in the air)
On Wednesday, numerous birds churring from just about every direction and a very persistent bird in flight, which seemed to be investigating me....so close a couple of times, I thought it was going to land on me !
Both visits to the boardwalk at the north end of the site.

Chris Sturges,

Rose coloured Starling at Ynyslas

We saw a beautiful adult Rose coloured Starling at Ynyslas this morning, a real stunner.  It was with a group of about 20 of its common cousins, not far from the visitor centre - in the dip where at present there are dozens, probably hundreds of orchids.  There were a lot of  dog walkers present, and the birds were very flighty.  After only a minute or so they took flight and despite spending the next hour or so trying to find them again, that was it for the day.