Monday, 2 August 2021

Junior Ringed Plovers

 Nice to see young Ringed Plovers on the beach just south of the Ynyslas Turn car park, and nice to see that NRW have put out lots of signs and cones to encourage people to respect the wildlife and keep their dogs under control near the shingle bank as far south as the Golf Club maintenance shed.

But not everyone can read, seemingly.If anyone is there birding or otherwise, and you see people with dogs ignoring the signs, perhaps have a polite word?   Most dog walkers are quite understanding.

Dave Purdon

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Goshawk & Turnstones

 A487 north-west of Aberarth yesterday.: Female Goshawk one fence-line back from road. Perched up on fencepost, sentinel, looking down slope towards sea. Briefly but very well seen from moving car.

Aberystwyth Beach: 4 Turnstone on rocks near pier. 2 in full summer attire.
Many Manxies moving offshore.

Phil Baber & Pam Buckle

Saturday, 31 July 2021


 Back to the huddle for these youngsters now the hot weather has stalled and some way to go for these guys who started a bit late but all have flown in the adjoining compartment youngsters and adults all hopefully well on their way to Africa. The Swifts have shown well here this year but Hs Martins and Swallows very poor only 3 Hs Martin nests used to be over a dozen a few years ago

Tony Clark

Tregaron Bog

 1 Wood, 2 Green and 2 Common Sandpipers at Tregaron Bog this evening.  Also Hobby and juvenile Marsh Harrier.

Arfon Williams

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

At last: Birds In Wales

 Like some others I was wondering where my advance ordered copy had got to considering this book is now available on Amazon so after a flurry of mails to Turpin Distribution I received it today and wow! as the Daily Star might say: what a whopper!  

Couldn't resist dipping into species accounts by some people I know and was very impressed, really up to date gen, well written and illustrated by some of our best photographers.  The introductory chapters are again, highly topical with good linking with the earlier editions and provide a superb overview.  We must be grateful that so many people gave their time and talents to produce this huge book, particularly important at a time of rapid change in bird populations.

Only disappointment for me was the absence of distribution maps except in odd cases, as with this page on the green woodpecker.  But then the Birds of Scotland had those and that took ages to appear and was in 2 enormous volumes so heavy as to discourage use!


Cors Caron

 Walk on Tregaron Bog yesterday evening produced 1 Hobby, 6 Whinchsts, 2 Reed Buntings and on and near Maesllyn lake was 2 Moorhens, 3 Coot, 5 White wagtails,

Will Davies

Monday, 26 July 2021

Ynyslas high tide

 A walk around Ynyslas this morning didn't produce any surprises. Other than a solitary Golden Plover, my first since April, between the Tern Posts and the Leri mouth. 19 Sandwich Terns and a few distant Curlew and a Whimbrel were also there

.A fisherman at the point meant there was nothing on the ground but Sandwich Terns and some small wader flocks (mostly Dunlin and Sanderling that I could pick out) were flying around.

Golden Plover

Martin Creasser.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

The Birds of Wales

 Ian and Jerry.

I'm pretty sure that the publishers have only started distributing copies in the past few days, so you shouldn't have much longer to wait.

Manxies on the mainland coast

 Just a quick response to Mark Spirito's post earlier today. Many years ago I lived at Wallog, north of Clarach. From the end of April until well into August Manxies were regularly heard overhead. Some nights it seemed that one bird was flying around the house! We scoured the slopes just inland for occupied burrows without any success, so eventually had to conclude that they may have been young birds "practising" for their adult years on one or other of the Welsh islands.

And regarding "Birds in Wales", I haven't had mine yet either!

Jerry Moore

The Birds of Wales

 I ordered a copy back in March. Has anyone else who did likewise received a copy through the post yet?