Saturday, 7 January 2012

kites and guns

The guns on the bog certainly contributed to Andre's sightings because although the harriers and marsh/willow tits have been in evidence the number of ducks visible on this east side of the bog have been miserly. Feeding the ponds at Cruglas keeps most on the NW bog including most of the wigeon flock, this winter Maes Llyn has hosted only a small group with a smattering of mallard teal and tufted. The whoopers are see-able from the Flur hide but mostly they also keep to the fed ponds.
Guns were banging off at Ty Gwyn pools as we made our way to Talsarn to count the kites at Susanna Binstead's feeding station for the Europe wide annual count. Over 200 turned up the most since a cold snap in November plus 2 of the most beautiful pale buzzards I have ever seen. I could only see 4 tags so wondering where all the tagged birds have gone!