Monday, 31 August 2015


The high tide brought a large number of birders (large number for Ceredigion that is) to the point at Ynyslas this morning - there were eight of us.  I was first, and as I walked the long way round 3 Chough flew over.  I encountered my first Turnstones plus 2 Wheatear and a Sparrowhawk along the way.  As the tide rose Russell and John arrived, and large numbers of waders were pushed closer to us.  I didn't attempt any counts but the majority of birds were Dunlin and Ringed Plover with some Turnstone and Sanderling, and Russell picked out 7 Little Stint.  There were also good numbers of Sanwich Terns at the water's edge, and at least 1 Med Gull.
Inevitably there was some disturbance caused by dogs, but John said that the previous day had been a lot worse.
Bob Relph