Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Aberporth scoter

I too was doing a recce for the NEWS (Non Estuarine Waterbird Survey) today at Llanina and Aberporth in miserable weather.  Neither location especially good for waders but these surveys do get me onto bits of the County I don't usually visit and I was rewarded with close views of Scoter at Aberporth: 5 males 2 females. A Chough on a roof was colour ringed but the code was just out of reach, even with max mags, in the gloom.
 The tide didn't drop as quickly as I hoped so Llanina only held 4 turnstone but there was an adult Med Gull with the BHG's and coming straight at me down the 'scope a porpoising dolphin!  (Yes, I'm sure it wasn't a dolphinoising porpoise!)  A red throated diver flew past at the outer edge of the bay but not within the count area unfortunately.