Thursday, 14 January 2016

Bittern at Cors Dyfi

Me and Duncan had a good view of a bittern down cors dyfi today.  It was about 20 yards from us and right next to the boardwalk.
Also me and Keith(grandfather) saw a Short-eared Qwl and Barn Owl hunting in front of Domen Las before Xmas.

Keith Lewis

By coincidence, Bob and I discussed sightings from Cors Dyfi on Tuesday, when we were on a jaunt to North Wales. 
We agreed that sightings from there would not be posted on the Ceredigion blog routinely, as the site is out of the county, but that it is a good idea to let Ceredigion birders know if there is a good bird like a Bittern around, and so close to our county.

Also, Keith sent the sightings of the Owls at the time to me but I didn't receive his email.  
Can I repeat what I said on the blog on 21st December.  If anyone sends me an email and I don't reply or put anything on the blog, then I haven't received it.
In that case, please send me a text with your email address and I will get back to you.  This has sorted out the problem in the past.

Thank you