Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gannet at Ynyslas Turn - Sunday

Found at the turn car park - at the south end at 0745 - didn’t appear to have any noticeable injuries and no fishing net round the legs and, while I didn’t try particularly hard as didn’t want to distress the bird further, I couldn’t get near the bird to check it out.  Final pic was at half past midday by which point it had moved itself a couple of hundred yards further south into the shorter grass by the golf course.  When I left to head back over here passed the car park and couldn’t spot the bird tho of course it may have moved into cover or (here’s hoping) it had flown off.  I assume the bird was exhausted from yesterday’s battering but now I’m starting to second-guess myself and worry.  If you’re around that area may be worth checking it out?

Mark Wilson