Wednesday, 7 September 2016

In preparation for my hoped-for move to beside the harbour at Aberystwyth I have been sorting through things and came across folders with the articles I wrote for the Maldon and Burnham local paper and the Colchester Evening Gazette.
This one related to a visit I made to the little rubbish tip south of Tregaron in 1987. It was really the first Kite feeding station, although quite unofficial. I forget her name, but a little elderly lady lived across the road from the tip and each afternoon carried a weight of scraps in a sack for the birds.  She would never accept offers of assistance.
I note that I mentioned Chough in the Devil's Bridge area and I recall seeing family parties at a few spots in the area. This next piece which I wrote in 1984 recalls one of my favourite walks from Parson's Bridge just up the Rheidol valley from Devil's Bridge from where I would watch a family of Chough.

How times have changed. Masses of Red Kites now but no inland Chough in Ceredigion.