Sunday, 25 September 2016

Two Rose Coloured Starlings at Ynyslas

Whilst Jacqui walked Buster and Dolly at Ynyslas this morning I went in search of the Rose Coloured Starling seen there by Arfon and others.  I located it in a bush with a flock of its common cousins, not far off the footpath between the visitor centre and the observation platform.  As I was watching I decided that I would have to take my new glasses back to Specsavers because I could see two Rose Coloured Starlings.  But hang on a minute I thought, I don't wear glasses when I'm birding...
Sure enough, there were two of them.
Then almost all the birds flew off having been spooked by a dog, but for some reason or other a few stayed put, one of them was a RC Starling.  Almost immediately Steffi and her family came along and we watched the remaining RC together.  I mentioned that I had seen two a few minutes earlier and as luck would have it moments later the second bird returned and perched near the first.
Steffi had her camera with her.  Watch this space...

Bob Relph