Monday, 28 November 2016

Aberarth to Llanon

A walk from Aberarth along the coast to Llanon and back on Saturday produced 29 species of bird - red kite, buzzard, raven, rook, carrion crow, jackdaw, chough, magpie, herring gull, black headed gull, great black backed gull, cormorant, oystercatcher, curlew, heron, meadow pipit, rock pipit, skylark, robin, stonechat, blue tit, starling, wren, pied wagtail, grey wagtail, house sparrow, chaffinch, goldfinch and blackbird. Worryingly I didn't see a peregrine though there weren't many raptors about today at all - unusual as this walk usually accounts for about 20-30 kites and 5-10 buzzards. I've not seen a peregrine here now in last 2-3 visits but prior to that every time for a couple of years

Shane Jones

Red Kite


Shane Jones