Saturday, 26 November 2016

Aberaeron harbour yesterday

Called in at Aberaeron harbour at lunch time today and was taking in the beautiful day when a flash of electric blue caught my eye. Only one thing in this country that has that depth of colour - a kingfisher. It sat on a harbour wall ladder but as I approached with the camera it shot off upriver. I have seen kingfishers in the harbour before but not for several years so it is great to see one again. I hear others have seen it too recently so a visit at low water may produce a glimpse of what has to be Britain's most stunning bird. If that wasn't enough, I walked to the car at the back of the beach and a chough flew over. They are present to the north and south of Aberaeron but I have never seen one in the harbour itself. An unusual but welcomed 10 minutes. 

Shane Jones