Monday, 19 December 2016

missing Shrikes?

Yesterday, I went searching for the Shrike that I found on Bryn Moel a few weeks back. No luck. Today, I took my son Tomos with me to search the huge area of clearfell on the opposite side of the road. We walked to Llyn y Gwaith, which in Welsh means,"lake with bugger all on it." As we stared across its' black, flat surface into the wall of misty conifers along the edge, Tomos remarked that he could imagine "death" emerging from within. In short, not the cheeriest or most productive birding site in the county. No Shrike to be seen on Bryn Coch. To be fair, we did see some birds whilst walking back inc. 6 Crossbills and a dozen or more Bullfinches which are always up here in winter, feeding on the tree buds I think. Is it possible that there is an early movement of Shrikes through Ceredigion and then a late winter return with perhaps a bit of a lull round about now?