Sunday, 15 January 2017

College Rocks gull roost

A 2nd Winter and Adult Mediterranean gull in the roost on college rocks this evening.
 Also a possible Ring-billed Gull (Bill heavier and Paler mantle than Common Gull?) and Argentatus  Herring Gull (Darker grey mantle than Argenteus and large amounts of white on primaries?). I apologise for my awful photographs and almost constant queries about Gulls, but it's something I want to improve at and something I put quite a bit of time into. 

Edward O'Connor

Good luck to Edward in his study of Herring Gull taxonomy; it's a fascinating topic.  Unfortunately I can't see enough on the photos  to form an opinion.  
There are times when I wouldn't mind returning to the days when Herring Gulls were just Herring Gulls.