Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pink-footed Goose

I went in search of the geese that Liz had seen at Ystrad Caron. I approached from the north, on the track that leads to Bryn Deri Farm. I could see a flock of grey geese in the distance but they were too far away. They were near the sharp meander in the river and a quick look at the OS map showed me that I could approach them from a public footpath to the west of Tregaron. I took the first right after heading south and parked a 100 metres from the farm. They were found slightly to the north after crossing the bridge at SN668 601. In total there were 28 Greylags, 11 Canadas, 2 Pink-foots and 2 Snow (like) Geese. Whilst watching another 2 Pink-foots circled overhead calling. Obviously free flying, the Snow Geese have me questioning if these birds are all of feral origin, thoughts please.