Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sightings from Keith Burdett

25th Jan, Goshawk and, later, 3 Crossbill on the south side of Cwm Wyre
near the road.
23rd Jan, Dipper singing on the Wyre.
22nd Jan, GS woodpecker drumming in Cwm Mabws.
Re other finches, we have up to 4 Siskin feeding on the sunflower heart
feeder with c.20 loitering in the trees nearby. A single Goldfinch comes
to the feeder with c.30 around our garden area pretty consistently,
feeding on Greater Burdock, Thistle and Evening Primrose seeds. A small
flock of c.5 Bullfinch are fairly constant too, mostly feeding on
Blackberry seeds this time of year. I haven't seen a Greenfinch in the Cwm
since the late 90s, although there are some nearby on the edge of the
Keith Burdett
(Received while I was in north Norfolk, so apologies for late posting JAD)