Friday, 10 February 2017

Borth plus -yesterday.

Totally misled by our weatherfolk...again... we headed to the sea expecting lovely sunshine :ha! ha!The gloom which we are used to in the mid lands was firmly ensconced at Borth, BUT our wee friend the Snow Bunting, instead of leading us a merry dance as last time, just sat around the car and invited some portraiture. Mind , my trigger finger froze and I couldn't press the shutter, so I utilised the other digits! Course , a wind like an icy scythe didn't bother him ; if you are familiar with arctic tundra , this is mild! 
Thence into Aber and a Kingfisher on the rocks next the pier , plus Turnstones-got them. Home the back way, and Fieldfares in Cwmystwyth ( we call it Death Valley-I'm sure Hinterland could make more use of it).
Oops-forgot: spotted the rare JD in the harbour waving to somebody!!!