Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cross Inn Forest

Felt very lively this morning. Familiar birds were active and calling in the sunshine. At the T junction there were 2 Willow Tits but no sign of the Shrike. I decided to walk all the way round to the far side of the clearing that lies north of the junction. The plan was to wait there patiently for a while, as Chris does, and wait for a Shrike to magically materialise. But, doh! my fidgety feet would not keep still and ten minutes later I was heading back to the T junction. Whilst having a final scan from here I heard a call that I couldn't put a name to. Not sure if it was the Shrike but it caused me to linger a moment longer and then I realised it was just 50m in front of me. With the sun right on it, cracking views for a couple of minutes. grid ref 563653