Saturday, 11 February 2017

sightings from Royal Mail van (or just outside it)

I haven't noticed any mention of the big Starling roost near Talgarreg this winter but I believe it's still very active. This last couple of weeks I've been on a collection run that takes me through places such as Brynhoffnant, Rhydlewis, Penrhiwllan, Henllan and Horeb. I've seen numerous flocks of hundreds or a few thousand maybe, heading E/NE in that direction. This morning there was a Willow Tit in Capel Cynon, at the very top of the Cerdin valley(Blaencerdin). I've seen Marsh Tits before lower down the valley in Tregroes, a mile or two away where it is a lot more wooded, but not Willow. So, a good moment. I'm leading the walk next month, near Capel Dewi (Llandysul). I'm going to amend the route a little. Instead of making a circuit I think it may be better to walk to the bridge over the Clettwr and retrace our steps to the reserve. This will enable us to recheck the wooded areas in the valley, it's a little shorter, and no uphill bits!