Friday, 28 April 2017

Aber seawatches

Another couple of mornings spent seawatching from Castle Point have produced a few strange sightings. Yesterday a Canada Goose flew south, only to return north around the same time this morning. This morning a dark-phase Arctic Skua came in from the south, it slowly flew closer and closer to the shoreline and before long it was circling over Pen Dinas and drifting further inland. It then stopped circling and just flew directly inland, where I lost view of it somewhere down the Rheidol valley. Absolutely bizarre! I have also noticed that all my Arctic Skua sightings from the last week or so have all  been at 8.45am on the nose. It would be interesting to know why that is.

Edward O'Connor

The Arctic Skua that I had from the castle this morning was also a dark morph and went south at 8.10.