Thursday, 20 April 2017

Otter with unusual growth on tail

I was surveying waders on the north Dyfi saltmarsh this morning and came across this otter with an unusual growth on the tip of its tail. It was hiding from me in a ditch. Any ideas what the growth could be?
Neil Groves

When I saw the photo it took me back to a recent occasion when Bob Relph, Jerry Moore and I were in the Saltings hide and Bob picked up this Otter in his scope.
It was on the north bank of the Dyfi,so quite distant, but Bob noticed that the end of its tail appeared to be damaged. We assumed at the time that it had been injured as the tail end seemed to have been severed.
See Bob's post of 2nd April "Ynys-hir this morning"
Neil also asked if there have have been any other sightings.