Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Those Cattle Egrets

I was at Ynyslas just before 7:30 this morning, hoping to find the Cattle Egrets reported there yesterday.  But after spending time fruitlessly scouring the fields I gave up and went for a walk along to Glandwr.  Whilst there, through the wonders of modern communications I discovered that Edward wasn't having any egret success either.  And on returning to my car I bumped into Harry who'd also drawn a blank.
I went home for breakfast then hit the road to visit family.  Having arrived in Herefordshire, imagine my reaction when I looked at my phone and discovered that I had received a text from Harry saying that he and Edward had found the egrets - I was so pleased!
On our way back I accidentally went off route and had to drive through Borth and Ynyslas to get home.  And what do you know - at 7:30 pm, there tromping around amongst cows in a field right beside the road, almost exactly 12 hours since I began looking for them, were 6 Cattle Egrets.