Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ynyslas this morning

I walked round to the pill box this morning at high tide and as well as the common small waders (of which there were many) there were  -six grey plovers (at least two of which were in summer plumage), one turnstone, a flock of about 25 bar tailed godwits which flew in and back out again, one or two of which were in summer plumage, about 25 whimbrel, mainly in dribs and drabs.
Without a telescope it was hard to identify or count the smaller or more distant birds. 

I was looking out of one of the pill box windows when all the small waders went up. I saw a small raptor heading towards me as if it was going to fly into the window! At the very last moment it veered up and went over. All I could see of it were the undertail feathers which looked more like kestrel than sparrowhawk. Merlin would have been a possibility as well. 

There were 5 cattle egrets in Ynys Tachwedd fields about 11 am.

Not much offshore from Borth or Ynyslas turn. The odd gannet is all I could see.

Jerry Moore