Thursday, 15 June 2017


  Having spent a few hours yesterday evening not seeing the Red-footed Falcon, but enjoying chats with other birdwatchers, this morning's birding was somewhat different.
   In the harbour was a family of Canada Geese.
  After some while I was able to see that neither adult was ringed. The goose which in recent years spends much of each year with the pair of local Mute Swans has been ringed so what I hoped could have been a nice twee story was not to be.
   Before the swans started nesting this year I noticed that they had become less tolerant of their goose companion and it disappeared. Hopefully, as in the past, it will rejoin them and their cygnets.
   Eventually the goose family headed for the sea but rough water drove them back and they made their way into the Ystwyth.