Thursday, 20 July 2017

Meanwhile, back at Llanina

...not a lot was happening (Wednesday a.m.19/7/17). The usual mob of around 200 gulls were loitering between dog attacks. About 150 Herring G, 30 Black Headed G, 3 GBBG , and 5 adult Med Gulls - the first I have seen there since March. Also on shore were Oystercatcher (7) (no other waders) Cormorant,  Rock Pipit, C. Crow, House sparrow. 

All rather quiet offshore: a few Gannets and an occasional small (5-20) group of Shearwaters a long way out,  and the steady stream of auks to and from New Quay cliffs, seen until recently, was noticeably absent.  However, a Great Crested Grebe then did an elegant circuit of the bay, settled for short while, then headed north east up the coast  - a pleasant  surprise. 

There really wasn't much to count (apart from one Dolphin and one seal which didn't take long ) so resorted to counting lobster pots. In the sea area between the east end of Cei Bach and New Quay Head I could see 91.  I have no idea what  a sustainable number is, but seems rather a lot?

Richard Williams