Monday, 7 August 2017

Med Gull colour-rings

For those interested in Med Gulls (and I would hope that's most of you!) the following colour-ringed birds have been reported by several observers so far this year:

White rings: 3NPH, 3LEL, E336, 313A, E320, 3YYA, 3LKJ

Green rings: RU93, RTT8, R93A, ANZT, RX20, 2R6, RVE6, RX02, RJK0, R37P, AAUN, ASCT

Yellow rings: AYCU, 2XEO

Rings reported (on this blog, FB) but no colour given: 39V7 & 3ALK (both probably white) and RT1P (probably green)

These birds have been ringed in various western European countries including Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland. There are still hundreds of Meds in the county, especially in the Llanon area, so hopefully there are a few more colour-ringed birds to find.