Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Bonaparte's Gull at New Quay

 I had the scope out at Birds Rock this morning and was drawn to a 1st winter black headed gull type that had a wing pattern that seemed different. It landed by two BHG’s and was clearly slightly smaller and had a distinctive all black beak. I returned in the afternoon just with the binos as I was intending to do a circular route via New Quay. I did not see much at Bird’s Rock and I continued on to NQ. Behind the pier on ‘Submarine Rock’ were some gulls including Herrings, an adult BHG and also what I can only assume was a 1st winter Bonaparte’s Gull and probably the same bird from the morning. It was less than 20yds from me. Distinctive all black bill and the dark head markings. It showed some brown on the coverts and when it took off towards the massed gulls on Llanina point the distinctive wing pattern. I unfortunately did not have the camera – the closeness of the bird would have given some great images. I’ll go back tomorrow after the wind.

Viv Evans