Saturday, 20 January 2018

More on colour-ringed Choughs

I have received feedback from Adrienne Stratford regarding recent sightings of colour-ringed Choughs in the county as follows:-

One of the birds photographed by Viv Evans at New Quay.  See my post of 17 Jan.

  Rt: Orange/Blue inscribed Lt: “Mud brown”/BTO -  only the second record of a young bird ringed by Tony Cross in 2016, as one of a late brood of three, about 8 km distant, near Ynys Lochtyn. The first record of this one was also at New Quay last July, also in a flock of 4 but with none of its companions identified.

The two birds seen in the harbour on the bird walk on 13 Jan and the details sent to Adrienne by Red Liford, 

The first two are sibling youngsters ringed by Tony last season near Morfa Bychan. The lower reddish or brownish ring on each of  their left legs is almost certainly a dullish orange with black inscription.  You may well be right about the sexes, as they were too small on the ringing date to hazard a guess based on biometrics.  They could also be paired, as this is not uncommon with siblings of this age, although the 1st of these (Rt: Lime/BTO Lt: Green/Orange inscribed “5H”) was photographed by John Davis on 5th Jan (see Ceredigion blog), at around the same spot but with a different, unrelated colour-ringed juvenile.
I’m fairly sure your single lunchtime bird is another view of your first bird again, but with his “legs crossed”… This time you could see the orange inscribed ring, and your reading of the inscription as HG confirms the ID (the inscription reads from top down as “5H”, but if read from ground-up would look like “HG”).
For the 2nd bird (Rt: Lime/BTO Lt: Lime/Orange # inscribed), this is only the second fledged sighting and the first at Aberystwyth and in 2018.  I was a bit worried after John Davis had reported two being rather tame there that they might be struggling to find enough food. But it sounds as if it’s a good spot to feed + at least these ones have survived into their 2nd calendar year. 

Another bird also in the harbour and photographed by John on 5 Jan and also by Naomi on 31 Dec.

Rt: Red/BTO Lt: Lime/Orange “4S” – a young male from a brood of 2 ringed by Tony, from about 5 km North of Aberystwyth near Borth. He’s been recorded 3 times at the communal roost near Wallog in autumn (but no records of his female sibling), last seen in October

See also posts by me on 1st Jan and John on 5th   and 7th Jan.