Tuesday, 27 February 2018


  A cold, lifeless Rock Pipit lying on the snow-covered quayside this morning was evidence of the bitterly cold conditions. On a happier note, Aberystwyth's Mute Swans are back.
   Early this morning they flew in and settled below my window. Recognising the red plastic bag containing the grain that I had fed them and their family last year, they came swimming up to me. Bearing large blue leg rings (7HZN and 7HZP ) it was good to see them again after their long absence. Their heads and necks were stained brown and so I assume they had been living on the still waters of a lake somewhere. (Does anyone know where?)
   Last October, on 12th, they and their 5 young and their Canada goose companion, flew out to sea from the harbour and retuned a little later. The next day they flew out and settled on the sea but they did not return and were not seen again. 
    The Canada Goose which had rather oddly become a member of the Swan family for the past few years returned to the harbour last  Wednesday. Recognising the red plastic bag it came noisily swimming up to me to be fed. It did it again the following morning and then swam up and down the harbour as if looking for its Swan 'family'.  I have not seen it since.
   So, a bit like a soap opera, will they meet up sometime soon, will the Swans have their own family again this Spring and will they once more be accompanied by the Goose?