Friday, 23 March 2018

Bird Surveys - Wild Life Trust Reserves

As part of a comprehensive programme to establish a baseline of the diversity of species to be found on their reserves, the North Ceredigion Section of the Wild Life Trust of South and West Wales are appealing for volunteers to undertake surveys of the various bird species which may be seen on the reserves.

With 18 Reserves spread throughout the county, encompassing a wide range of habitats, from woodlands to cliff tops, the variety of species which may be found  is great. Descriptions of the reserves, their predominant ecological characteristics and location can be found on the Trust website at:

If interested in contributing to this survey, please contact the reserves officer, Emily Foot -  - indicating your choice of reserve (or reserves)

It is proposed that surveyors should visit their chosen reserve four times a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter and  record the species seen. In the breeding season any evidence of nesting should be noted but all disturbance should be avoided. Lists for each season would be submitted to the Reserves Officer -  , .. who would then incorporate them into the information base for that reserve. An indication of numbers seen, and whether active on the reserve or 'flying over' will all add to the value of the records. In due course visitors to reserves may request copies of the spreadsheets indicating the range of species seen on, or over, the reserves.