Thursday, 24 September 2020

Eagle re-introduction projects

 I'm sure bird blog readers will be interested to read about the two eagle re-introduction projects currently taking place in Wales.

One is Eagle Re-introduction Wales, based at Cardiff University, who have recently updated the results of their research so far. They are looking at both golden and white-tailed eagles.

Here is a starting point -

In my opinion some of this work looks very thorough - such as that on the history of eagles in Wales. However, I am not convinced by the species summaries for other Welsh raptors that they have produced. Look at the "Core Breeding Range" map for red kites, for example!

The other is the Golden Eagle Re-introduction project run by Wilder Britain - basically a one man band, (Dr.) Paul O'Donoghue. Let's just say he has a very chequered past, having been behind a failed attempt to introduce lynx into the Kielder Forest. But he is very good at getting publicity, such as appearing on BBC Countryfile about 18 months ago. He is at present putting on a series of "consultations" , the first two were at Betws-y-coed and Bala, with another one planned for Caernarfon, at some date in the future. He may also set up a Zoom  event, apparently. 

An example of one of his "consultations" appears here -

One does have to be very careful when dealing with O'Donoghue, though. He sued a Scottish Green MSP who criticised him for the extraordinary figure of £750,000 (and lost.)!

Jerry Moore