Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Warbleropolis (Cross Inn Forest/Bethania)

 A walk through Cross Inn Forest and along the edge of Gors y Cwn (Dog Bog), plus two shorter walks either side of the water bottling plant across the road.

Singing males;

Willow Warbler 97, Chiffchaff 47, Whitethroat 21, Blackcap 27, Sedge Warbler 1, Tree Pipit 2, Redpoll 12. Six Garden Warblers were all around the bottling plant area. I heard 2 Wood Warblers singing in mature conifers; one in the centre of the forest and one at the very far end. There were some notable absences, but especially Cuckoo. Usually 2-3 about. I hope others have had more luck with this species in this particular area.

A pair of Little Grebes were on a pond in Bethania 576638 and another pair were above Trefilan 552590. However, the surprise of the day was on my way home from Bethania when I spotted 3 Lapwings calling/displaying in fields along Afon Arth at 567623 near a property called Talwrn.