Saturday, 28 August 2021

Leucistic Herring Gull at Aberaeron

"Melanin-compromised (female size) Herring Gull in the harbour Friday evening.. Beware of Glauc/Iceland reports up and down the coast. A nice Ghost Gull!.Think it's a good gull to warn the unwary. It was on the small side for HG, which is why I sexed it as female.

But, up and down the coast, at distance, it might be mistaken for an early White-winger..
Dippers were showy on the Aeron beyond the road bridge (2).
On 25th we met 10 Turnstone on Beach Rd beach again. Didn't meet them tonight.
Leucistic Herring Gull

Phil Baber and Pam Buckle

As Phil says, a good gull to warn the unwary.  .  There have been quite a number of reports of a leucistic Herring Gull (or gulls) in recent years, particularly from Aberaeron.  Something to bear in mind when claiming a Glaucous or Iceland gull.

Just to complicate matters further. there was a leucistic Common Gull around Aberystwyth for several years which often puzzled those who weren't aware of it.