Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Re colour-ringed Ringed Plover

The colour-ringed Ringed Plover Ewan saw at Ynyslas was one of just over 100 individuals colour-marked there this year, including 6 well-grown chicks. The colour-ringing hopes to tell us more about the survival of these birds, their movements and the health of the population in general. Survival of chicks is very important to assess as it helps show the effectiveness, and validate the need, for the exclusion areas. One of this years chicks has already been recorded in Devon!

Colour-ring sightings, even of regular local birds, are vital to these studies. To make colour-ring reporting as easy as possible, Mid Wales Ringing Group, with the technical savvy of Stephen Vickers, has launched a new colour-ring reporter app MWRG colour-ring reporter  Any future sightings of this or any of our other 12,000 colour-ringed birds would be greatly appreciated and can be input on the app and, if one marked by us, will generate an immediate automated response containing ringing info, details of any subsequent sightings and a map showing all movements of that individual to date. The app can also be accessed by clicking on the relevant link on our blog homepage Ruffled Feathers blog I hope Ceredigion Birds blog-readers will find this useful and I look forward to seeing your record on my screen later Ewan :)