Monday, 11 October 2021

Some unusual behaviour on the Ceredigion coast

 There were about 300 Golden Plovers at Llanrhystud this morning. Considerable numbers of gulls and at least 200 Gannets offshore feeding. Among the throng, about a quarter of a mile out, were 2 darker, robust looking birds swooping and diving about. I was hoping they were Great Skuas but were in fact a couple of crows. There were also a few Turnstones along the shore. For several minutes I watched as two of them became engaged in what looked like a very serious and determined struggle with each seemingly attempting to push the other under the water. Not really sure what was going on there.

At Llanon I had very close views of two Red-throated Divers taking it easy and not diving at all during a 20 minute watch. Preening/relaxing? Small flocks of M Pipits/Linnets/Skylarks in the fields. Back at the car park, a car pulled in as I was about to leave. A man about my age (pretty old) wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt got out clutching a small teddy bear. He placed it on the rocks, photographed it, picked it up again and drove off. And people will tell you that birdwatching is weird.