Sunday, 19 February 2017

TEIFI MARSHES BirdWalk today.

The weather, drizzle and low grey cloud, did not augur well for today's Cere Birders walk but once ensconced in the Kingfisher Hide we were treated to a great display of Bittern behaviour as the great bird had to leave the comfort of the reedbed to reach suitable feeding territory in the water.

We watched it walk about, neck stretch, and fly all at close range!  Laurie managed to get some great shots especially as the weather magically improved.

Also on the pond were teal, mallard, heron, moorhens, a passing kingfisher (seen by the early birds in the hide)  and a swimming water rail.

The next hide produced singing Cetti's warbler, curlew and a variety of gulls loafing and preening.

 We examined the two new hides, sturdy and highly suitable without any expensive whistles and bells.  The slots were without any sensory glass barriers and function as HIDES!

The bird list growing steadily we walked around the south side of the reserve and finally, some of us enjoyed a super snack lunch in the visitor centre,only just resisting the temptation to spend a lot of money in the shop.

Cilgerran is now, like the islands, a jewel in the WWWT's crown; a 21st century visitor experience without losing that old fashioned experience of direct contact with nature.  Very fitting that all the hard work has been rewarded by the presence of such an ace bird!