Thursday, 6 February 2020

That Ring-necked Duck

In an attempt to get a decent photograph of the ring-necked duck I went up to the Pendam lakes yesterday afternoon and again today. I believe it was on Pendam about 3.30 pm yesterday. This morning it wasn't on Pendam when I arrived (or so I thought) but when I had another look about an hour and a half later it was there, with a pair of mallard; I suspect it just goes into hiding somewhere. In the meantime I had checked all the other lakes without seeing it. Most of the other ducks on Blaenmelindwr yesterday had disappeared, leaving only one male tuftie and a female goldeneye. (yesterday at least 8 mallard and 2 male tufties). I left Pendam this morning with it roosting at the edge of the lake (the far end) with the mallards. No I didn't get the photo. It still seems very wary.. I can see now that it clearly is a 100% ring-necked.

Jerry Moore

Revisited Ring Necked duck yesterday  in much improved weather. Duck had moved to Llyn Pendam, but due to lovely light it was plain to see how it gets it name.
Meurig Garbutt