Friday, 21 February 2020

Time travel

Very little wildfowl to be seen. At Pont Gogoyan, apart from 4 Goosander, just a handful of Wigeon (sometimes a hundred or more). Likewise at Maes Llyn pool-not a dickie bird.  I also went to Cors Caron on Sunday, when the water levels were very high, waves lapping against the boardwalk. Comparing the views from the bog hide to the pictorial display inside, suggested we had travelled back in time to the "reed swamp age," 7500 years ago. This impression was reinforced when I saw what appeared to be a primitive hunter gatherer lurching towards me, but was in fact the highly esteemed editor of the Ceredigion Bird Report. Arfon told me about the large flock of Stock Doves he had seen. I did not see them then but did today, at Llanio, at the Stags Head turnoff. I counted approximately 330 along with about 50 Linnets.