Sunday, 30 August 2020

A pleasurable 3 hour excursion in Ceredigion

 Revisited NRW site at Rhos Cilcennin to look for Willow Tits. Lots of seemingly good habitat but no joy. Then on to a reserve that was marked on my map at Nebo, which turned out to be Rhos Glandenys. The mauve Scabious and orange Tortoiseshells were very beautiful. Not so many willow trees but I'd scarcely pulled the playback device from my bag when a Willow Tit appeared. Then on to Celtic Lakes fishing resort at Temple Bar which looked promising. However, when I called at reception clutching my bins they politely told me I could not walk round in case I disturbed the anglers. I tried to not look incredulous. Conversation veered off at a tangent. As I turned to leave I was asked, in all seriousness. "What sort of fish are you looking for?" "Er, not fish, birds," I reminded him.