Friday, 28 August 2020

New Quay

Choughs on the headland have formed a group of 16, possibly more. At least three are ringed. They include the old female of 15years that was ringed at a nest site on Cilan head North Wales. Also present is one ringed at Mwnt in 2019. A third ringed bird may be from a Lochtyn site but I need to confirm this. These have been reported previously on the blog. Today after watching the choughs fly by, a peregrine appeared doing mock stoops on a Raven. I see this quite regularly and the ravens never seem perturbed- they seem to enjoy the ‘play’.
Just before the storm I was on the boat in the outer mooring area and counted 29 meds on the water close by all adults in autumn plumage. There were also 30 + sandwich terns some of them resting in rows on the tenders tied up to the moorings.

Viv Evans