Sunday, 13 September 2020

New Quay

I was watching the regular mixed flock of BHG’s and Meds from my house this morning. They like the nearby cattle pastures. I went to get the camera to try and get some images. Returning to the window the gulls (100 or so) were in the air and there was a huge din from the corvids. Crashing through the hawthorn on my boundary came this young goshawk with magpie in tow. They landed in a heap in a ‘wild' part of the boundary. (OK most of it is wild). The young bird struggled to deal with the magpie in the undergrowth and was eventually spooked my me. I found the magpie a little later and helped it out of the undergrowth ant it managed to fly off. Yesterday at bird’s rock there were 80+ gannets in a feeding frenzy offshore. At Bank Bach y Rhowyn a peregrine appeared making mock stoops on a raven. I was been discussing this behaviour with a young couple who were hoping to see a peregrine and it happened on cue.
Viv Evans