Thursday, 28 January 2021

Colour-ringed Chough

Below is a correspondence between Viv Evans and Adrienne Stratford which I'm sure will be of interest to blog readers.

Look who it is. 

I believe it’s the Cilan Head female now in her 15th year. Crop has the GR /date. It shows the rings quite clearly. She was on her own grubbing about nosily on the cliff edge of Banc Bach Y Rhowyn part of the Bird’s Rock area.



Thank you, Viv,

That’s very good news that she’s survived (most of) another winter + yes, that’s right: she was hatched in 2006 at Cilan Head (ca 65 km), so she’ll be 15 this spring.  It’ll be interesting to see if she still has a colour-ringed partner this year – I hope nothing bad has befallen him if she’s on her own…  Also interesting to see how little there remains of her originally blue + white striped ring, which has now largely worn away + without a trace of blue.

Thanks again,

Best wishes,


The colour-ringing is all part of a long-running study of choughs in mid + North Wales by Tony Cross + myself, during which more than 6,000 individuals have been marked over the past 30 years, with life histories recorded for many of these birds, shedding light on their movements, social + nesting behaviour, longevity etc.