Friday, 19 March 2021

Colonial nesting

 Good to see Rooks getting a bit of coverage on the blog. I have to empty the post box at Synod Inn where there is a rookery. What a wonderfully noisy, busy place! Very similar to our office but with with a bit less swearing and grumbling. (Or maybe more?) I haven't been looking for rookeries as I drive around but I am aware of others in Lower Sarnau, Aberbanc and Croeslan, and this evening perhaps in New Quay too, close to the pub which Dylan Thomas favoured (allegedly). There has been a very big rookery in the centre of Tregaron, near the school, for many years.

For Edward; there is a heronry at Coxhead, usually with about 20 nests I think. A Great White Egret was in the vicinity on occasions during the winter, during flood episodes at least.