Thursday, 6 May 2021


It was a lovely bright morning but with an almost icy wind at times. To the north some of the uplands looked snow covered. The highlight for Jill and I was a Kestrel. It first appeared, motionless in the air by the cliff-top just yards from us. It put in several appearances and during one of them it suddenly gained speed and flew faster than I have ever seen a Kestrel fly. Its target was a Raven, lazily floating above the cliffs. The falcon repeatedly dived-bombed the huge dark bird which would turn on its back, claws extended upwards in defence. Eventually the Raven retreated from what the Kestrel must have judged its airspace and calm resumed. A constant trickle of Swallows flew north and the auks on the cliff ledges uttered their strange calls while Linnets sang from the gorse covered slopes. Stonechats called anxiously and Choughs flew silently by. Magical.