Saturday, 22 May 2021

Sabine's Gull - the saga continues.

 Martin Creasser was already seawatching when I arrived on the prom this morning.  We joined forces and went up to the castle shelter.  At 8:10 a Sabine's gull flew north past Castle Point which Martin was on to straight away.  The bird did a tour round the bay and then went back to South Bay, We soon made our way to The Hut, from where we watched the bird dip-feeding close inshore and occasionally settling on the sea.  It appeared to find the area between The Hut and the wooden jetty suitable and was still there when we left at 10:10.

PS  When Martin.put the bird on RBA he noticed that it had already been reported from Aberystwyth.  I guessed that Ewan had been out before us, and so it proved.