Monday, 7 June 2021

Long-eared Owls and Nightjars

 Last year in late June Chris Bird found a pair of Long-eared Owls with young at a private site in north Ceredigion and last night he arranged for us to revisit. We had no luck at the original location (though Chris had a brief view of one as we approached.). We were told later that the owls were present but in a different part of the forest.

What we did experience was an  extraordinary performance by a Nightjar.  The bird was churring continuously for several minutes at a time, pausing only to fly to another perch.  He then perched at the top of a dead tree and we watched him belt out a stream of sound until we though it would never end.           As this was going on a female was flying around us, at one point landing on the track just a few yards away.