Tuesday, 27 July 2021

At last: Birds In Wales

 Like some others I was wondering where my advance ordered copy had got to considering this book is now available on Amazon so after a flurry of mails to Turpin Distribution I received it today and wow! as the Daily Star might say: what a whopper!  

Couldn't resist dipping into species accounts by some people I know and was very impressed, really up to date gen, well written and illustrated by some of our best photographers.  The introductory chapters are again, highly topical with good linking with the earlier editions and provide a superb overview.  We must be grateful that so many people gave their time and talents to produce this huge book, particularly important at a time of rapid change in bird populations.

Only disappointment for me was the absence of distribution maps except in odd cases, as with this page on the green woodpecker.  But then the Birds of Scotland had those and that took ages to appear and was in 2 enormous volumes so heavy as to discourage use!