Monday, 19 July 2021



116 Med Gulls counted in one sweep, loafing on rocks, at Llanina point this early evening. 1715 hrs. An hour after high tide. More were certainly present and arriving. But we had to cool off in the sea. Many still there when we left. Most had moved on after a nap.

[Also, about 4 instances of Bluefin Tuna momentarily leaping from the water, midway out from point. One must have been 4-5 feet in length. 1 individual of about 3 feet long was seen particularly well through bins as it shot out of the water, only to disappear again just as quickly. Mackerel were also leaping (for good reason!) Apparently the Bottle-noses were at Aberporth today.

Phil Baber and Pam Buckle