Thursday, 19 August 2021

Cardigan and Gwbert

 Yesterday p.m.  Cardigan: from late afternoon. Constant noisy skeins of Canada geese over town heading north north west. (Over North Street.)  Estimate total 400-500. Followed them to Gwbert where constant skeins were still flying up the Teifi mouth and off towards Cardigan Island direction, and often returning to the main estuary, where many had settled, seen from the drive up..

At Gwbert viewpoint car park:
4 Chough. 1 migrant Willow Warbler. Small Starling murmuration of about 120. Several Curlew. 1 Shag.

Later, near Dihewyd, the Tawny Owls were causing much noise pollution. Like usual.

Phil  Baber & Pam Buckle