Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Llanina shore

 Peregrine - juv female dove into the gull flock c 1730 and caught a juv Med Gull. The gull broke free and the Peregrine headed off empty-taloned to Cei Bach. ( The gulls settled on the sea and wouldn't return for a further 20 minutes.)

Little Gull 1 2cyr (not seen again after Peregrine incident. But found again in the block photos of the final roost flock.)
Sandwich Tern 7 (1 offering a small fish to another for some time but was given the cold shoulder...)
Kittiwake - up to 30 off and on. Settling on rocks. 1 juv. 1 ad w. Rest summer ads.
GBBG - 1
BHGull - well outnumbered by Meds!
Med Gull - first count at 17.00 was around 73. Numbers kept arriving constantly from the west to wash, preen and settle. By 20.00 a final run-through count in blocks of 10 estimated 620+. A series of photos were made in sections of the whole roost flock. Later detailed analysis of these, and counting, gave 817 birds.
Allowing for margin of error? Let's say there were between 790 - 830 birds present at close.
Rock Pipit 4
Grey Wag 1
Sandwich Terns

Mostly Med Gulls

Phil Baber & Pam Buckle